Carrol Creek Engagement Session, Frederick MD ~ Julia + Jeff

Carrol Creek Engagement Session, Frederick MD ~ Julia + Jeff

Julia & Jeff really know what they want and they are committed to each other. Would you like a living proof? We scheduled their engagement session without knowing it would be the coldest day so far of this winter, plus add some gust winds and voila! And they actually didn’t run away! They warmed each other with sweet cuddles, they made sure to hold each other’s hands very tight, and just embrace the weather and their love.  Julia and Jeff made it worth it every moment. And if that happens for an engagement session, I can only guess the best for their relationship. I am so happy to be their wedding story teller for the 2018 season. Linganore Winecellars, in Mount Airy MD will see so much love coming from you guys! Congratulation to you booth

Film Julia and Jeff Engagement Session from Daysy Film & Photo

Bellow, an exclusive interview with this lovely couple, along with their pictures & engagement movie! Enjoy and get inspired 🙂

Daysy: How did you meet?

Julia and Jeff: We met on an online dating site. We had both done the online dating thing before and weren’t too optimistic about trying again, but we’re very glad that we did!

Daysy: Where did you go for your 1st date?

Julia & Jeff: We had dinner at an Italian restaurant, and then we didn’t want to part ways yet, so we went next door to the movie theater. We saw Moana, which was the start of a very Disney themed relationship!

Daysy: How did he/she propose? Can you describe that moment?

Julia & Jeff:  We had talked about getting married for a while, ordered a ring, and started the wedding planning process, so Jeff had the challenge of making it special without it being a surprise. He rose to the occasion! Jeff placed sweet notes all around, sending me on a little scavenger hunt where he was waiting at the end. There, he had a Moana themed display with the last note saying “Marry Me?” It was very sweet.

Daysy: Are you planning to honeymoon? If yes, where do you have plans to go to?

Julia & Jeff: Yes, we are honeymooning in July 2018. We are spending time on two Disney Cruises, and also Disney World!

Daysy: How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years?

Julia & Jeff: We envision things being pretty much the same. We are very happy right now and would like everything to remain just as wonderful!

Daysy: Julia, describe something that you absolutely love about your fiance

Julia: One of the things I love most is how easygoing Jeff is. He’s always calm and collected, and makes me feel like everything’s going to be ok.

Daysy: Jeff, describe something that you absolutely love about your fiance

Jeff:  This is hard for me to answer – there’s not one or two things I absolutely love about Julia; I just absolutely love Julia…everything about her.


Daysy: Any special song?

Julia & Jeff: We have a few. One will be the first dance at our wedding so we’ll keep that secret for now, but another is Michael Buble’s “I Believe in You.” The lyrics really speak to us as a couple.

Daysy: Describe your relationship in two words

Julia & Jeff: Perfectly complementary

Wedding data: May 2018 at Linganore Winecellars, in Mount Airy MD

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2 Replies to “Carrol Creek Engagement Session, Frederick MD ~ Julia + Jeff”

  1. Julia and Jeff-

    Your photo session is just beautiful and seeing the two of you so very happy makes us smile. We’re so excited for you and wish you the healthiest, happiest, most Disney-filled future you can imagine!

    Love from us both,

    Kenny and Ruth

  2. We are totally going to rent Moana now after watching this.
    Jeff and Julia, we are honored to be a part of your special day. We are so happy that you found each other. We can see how much you love each other.

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