Monocacy National Battlefield, Frederick MD Fall Family Session – The Pereiras

The Pereira Family strikes again! This time with their newest edition Beethoven! He is a pincher dog, and he came from Brazil, as a gift from a friends. He’s 4 years old now, and the family absolute adores adores him. See more fun facts bellow.
I feel so honored to have a 2nd year with this family! Come check the fields of the Monocacy National Battlefield in Maryland, or just admire this beautiful family! The fall colors and the love just gives all the feels!
Pereira Family Session

Life tends to get away from us and it’s so very important to document life as it happens, year after year!
Monocacy National Battlefield, Maryland
Quick facts about Beethoven
  • Age: 4 years old now
  • Birthday: October 4th
  • Where he came from: he was a gift from friends from Brazil. He was only 2 months old.
  • Favorite toy: loves to play with pen laser. “He goes crazy” Says Margareth
  • Brothers and sisters: He recently become a big brother after the family welcomed the newest family addition, a new dog they called Zelda.
I asked Margareth if the girl help with the tasks to help take care of Beethoven and they sure do! “They take him for walks”

Monocacy National Battlefield, Frederick MD Fall Family Session

The Pereiras can only be doing something right. Their 3 beautiful daughters make are heaven sent gifts. They cherish each other and look up to each other as examples. Even the little one, Emily is always trying to copy her older sisters Milena and Melanie.

Monocacy National Battlefield, Frederick MD Fall Family Session

Monocacy National Battlefield, Maryland


Check out their first family session with me from 2016 here!

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