Historic London Town and Gardens, SanaView Farms – Champion, PA- Ashley + Britton

Historic London Town and Gardens, SanaViewFarms- Champion, PA

Ashley and Britton’s engagement session at the Historic London Town and Gardens  was a romantic one! Not only was this a beautiful spot , but this is also where Britton’s parents got married! How sweet is that?!

Come and take a gander with us as we I capture their romantic, fun , sweet selves!

Daysy: How did you meet?

Ashley: We met in a college bar. I was dared to kiss him from my best friend and the rest is history.

Historic London Town and Gardens, SanaView Farms


Daysy: Where did you go for your 1st date?

Puccini’s, down the mountain from Frostburg in Cumberland. They have some delicious brick oven pizza.

How did he propose? Can you describe that moment?

He proposed on top of Sandia Peak in New Mexico. We had been planning to go to the hot air balloon festival for months. Little did I know he had been planning much more. It was the perfect ‘Quayle’ weekend. We missed our first flight because we were late getting to the airport and we waited for stand by the rest of the way to Albuquerque, finally arriving the next afternoon. It was just so nice to be away we didn’t mind the missed flights or anything else.

Historic London Town and Gardens, SanaView Farms

The morning of we went on a hot air balloon ride and decided to go up Sandia peak before our flight left. I kept insisting we didn’t have to do it because of the long line and wait but Britton really seemed like he wanted to go, even though we both knew we’d only be able to be on top of the mountain for a few minutes.

Historic London Town and Gardens, SanaView Farms

So we were the next car to go up the mountain and Britton ran down to get our scarves and gloves (because it was to be about 10 degrees cooler on top). They started to call for our train car and I called him to tell him just to come back and we’d survive without the warm gear. He ran down all the steps to the car and grabbed our warm things along with the ring (which I had no idea about).

Historic London Town and Gardens, SanaView Farms

While we were up on the mountain of course we took a bunch of pictures of the incredibly beautiful and terrifying view. We found a spot where the fence stopped and we could get as close to the edge as possible and went over to take a look. There was another couple enjoying the view when Britton asked them if they would take our picture. We took a few photos and Brit started to talk about how much he loved me and kept kissing me and that’s when I figured out what was going on. He got down on one knee and asked and of course I said yes. It was a very surreal moment and I was shaking a lot. I felt overwhelmed with joy and terror at the same time… I was very surprised and had no idea that a proposal was coming. After the initial shock I remember asking him if he had asked my dad, he said he asked everyone. Months before he had taken a day off work and drove up to my family in Pittsburgh and literally asked everyone important to me if he could marry me. He went to my grandparents house, my grandmas, my brothers, my mom’s’ work and to my dad.

It was perfect. I couldn’t take my eyes off the ring. He had picked everything out himself and planned it all out. I’m really lucky to have such a thoughtful person in my life.

Are you planning to honeymoon? If yes, where do you have plans to go to?

We are planning on going on a honeymoon. We are thinking about maybe going to Greece and roaming around Europe or maybe a relaxing getaway in Maldives. Anywhere we go I know we’ll have a good time.

How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years?

In five years we hope to have a couple little ones running around.

Do you have any pets? If yes what is it’s name and how do you share the duties?

We have two cats Squints and Caesar. Squints is very skinny, stinky, awkward and lovable. She loves rubbing on you and sitting right on top of whatever you’re trying to look at or work on. I always joke and say she takes after her father. Caesar is very fat and will eat everything in sight, that isn’t food, he enjoys munching on notebooks, mail, doorstops, and trash. He loves to be snuggled but doesn’t like to show it… Caesar takes after his mother. Strong, Independent, hungry, and cautiously vulnerable.

Describe something that you absolutely love about your fiance?

A- I absolutely love Britton’s personality.

It could be one of the worst days and he won’t get angry. He takes care of any situation that comes up with such a calm demeanor, it blows my mind. While I’m freaking out he’s keeping everything together. I love that he makes me laugh daily. Whether he means to or not he does. He’s so playful and goes along with any impromptu song or dance I try to start, or starts his own. I love that we can laugh and play together.  He’s very good at knowing when I’m upset and just holding me until I want to talk or not say anything.

B- I love Ashley’s creativity! She can do whatever she wants to do and she will be successful. Did I mention that she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen?! What more do I have to say!

Any special song?

We love the Clarks. They’re a band from western PA and since we’ve been to a few concerts, we love their song “Some Call It Destiny”.

Historic London Town and Gardens, SanaView Farms

Describe your relationship in two words:

Beautifully awkward

Any funny stories to share about your fiance? (be nice) 🙂

We are both terrible at holding our bladders… We both have quite a few stories about one anothers pee problem.


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