Federal Hill at Baltimore, MD Engagement Session ~ Aline + Charles

Federal Hill at Baltimore, MD Engagement Session ~ Aline + Charles

Aline is a Brazilian, Master in Business student and she loves fitness. She has a Instagram page with over 31 thousand followers, but the only one she really wants by her side is Charles. They will be getting married in December at Baltimore’s Best Events and we can not wait! Check out their interview and be dazed by their love in their engagement session around Federal Hill in Baltimore, Maryland.

Daysy: How did you meet?

Charles: One day a co-worker/friend of mine was sharing a concern about an issue she was having with her ex boyfriend. I advised her that she was being irrational to which she later became receptive to continuing her relationship with him. Once he became aware that I was the cause of why they are on good terms, he offered to he introduce me to a special woman that he knew of as gesture of appreciation. Aline Braga was the special woman that he was referring to. He described Aline as kind soft-hearted woman who would make for a perfect match for me. I often wonder, to this day, how could he have known that Aline was a gift from God intended for me, without him actually knowing me. . .  or even her in hindsight. At the time, I was very focused on my goals with little interest in meeting anyone new. I recall my friend pestering me to call her that night to which i did, reluctantly. Our first phone conversation was amazing and lasted for hours. We discussed everything, that seemed to be under the sun, in such a relatively short amount of time with a desire to talk more. (continue…)

Federal Hill at Baltimore, MD Engagement Session

(…) On our second day of connecting over the phone, Aline asked me to stop by to see her at the restaurant where she worked. I headed down with my coworker tagging along to see Aline. When we got there, i remember it seeming like a lifetime while we shared drinks waiting for Aline to find a free moment. I recall being at awe with Aline’s glowing presence as if a ray of light from heaven rain down over her. She was the prettiest woman I had ever seen. We all talked for a while and before our nightly departure, I left her with a gift of boxed chocolate for her to remember me by.

Federal Hill at Baltimore, MD Engagement Session

Daysy: Charles, Describe something that you absolutely love about Aline?

Charles: Aline is the most down to earth person I have ever met. She possess all the qualities and virtues that a man could ever ask for. I’m deeply in love with her big heart. Her heart is big enough to take anyone’s breath away. I will never find another woman like her.

Daysy:  Aline, Describe something that you absolutely love about Charles?

Aline: What I absolutely love about Charles is that he is extremely affectionate and romantic. He cares so much about me and make me black coffee every morning lol. I love Charles with all my heart. He is much more than I could have asked for. I want to make him the happiest man in this earth. 

Daysy: Where did you go for your 1st date?

Charles: A week after our first meet, we decided to see each other without the two people who introduced us as chaperone. I invited Aline to a fine contemporary restaurant Rockville MD for a second chance at seeing her again.

Daysy: How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years?

Aline: In 5 years we hope to have a strong and established family. We hope to be very happy and still totally in love!

Daysy: Are you planning to honeymoon? If yes, where do you have plans to go to?

Aline: Yessss we have plans for our honeymoon for sure, and we are definitely very excited about it. It’s going to be the best time in our lives! We are planning on going to Hawaii the next day after our wedding! Our flight leaves from BWI airport in Baltimore close to our house. We are going to go to 3 of the 4 islands: Oahu, Maui and Big Island. We only wish we could take our photographer Daysy with us to take more photos in the paradise since we will be bringing our wedding outfit to take pics over there. Lol.

OMG, that would be a dream come true to photograph you in Hawaii!! Maybe in the next 5 years ahah ~Daysy

Daysy: Any special song?

Aline: The song we plan to dance at our wedding to is “I can’t help falling in love with you”, by Elvis Presley. We all know this song to be widely used with marriage and love. However, this song is directly mirrors the essence of our story. Some may perceive that we moved quickly in our relation but we just couldn’t help falling in love.

Federal Hill at Baltimore, MD Engagement Session

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  1. congratulations to the couple! that beautiful site! wish the two a lot of happiness and that God continue to bless them too! glory to God for you have found your destination Aline and grabs him tooth and nail 👏 👏 👏 I’m your big fan! and charles make my friend very happy! She deserves and know that God guided them to both complement and form a beautiful and wonderful family!

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