Uchenna + Alfie Engagement Session at the National Harbor, Washington, D.C

Uchenna and Alfie celebrate their engagement with a National Harbor engagement session in Washington, D.C.  Two pastors who fell for each other’s love, light and faith.

They met through facebook and days later he attended an enagement she was going to be at. Little did they know, they would be getting engaged soonly after!

Daysy: How did you meet

Uchenna: We actually met on Facebook on April 27, 2016. We officially met in person on Sunday, May 22nd 2016 where I had a preaching engagement. He saw a post about the service and decided to surprise me with a visit.

Daysy: Where did you go for your 1st date?

Uchenna: We had our first date at Copper Canyon Grille

Daysy: How did he/she propose?

Uchenna : I had moderated a fashion show charity event at the Lord and Taylor in Chevy Chase on Feb 12, 2017 and Alfie had come out to support me. After the event he asked me since we were already there to go ahead and pick out something nice I might want to wear for dinner on Valentine’s day. I was a little surprised that he had something planned for Valentine’s day because he was originally supposed to have been in Kenya on ministry at that time. I told him I’ll take a rain check on getting the outfit on that day but will be most probably in a mood for shopping the next day. The next day came and he came and picked me up again to go shopping. I kept wondering why he was even bothering with an outfit but I’ve learned to appreciate and receive a blessing when it comes my way so I decided to play right along. We did find a beautiful outfit to my liking. The next day (Valentine’s day) came around and while we were speaking on the phone in the morning, he mentioned he was going to get his hair cut,  and  


Daysy: Are you planning to honeymoon?

Uchenna : Yes, we are.



Daysy : Where do you have plans to go to?

Uchenna : The Dominican Republic


Daysy: How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years?

Uchenna: We see ourselves learning more about each other and growing in love, health and wealth. We see ourselves continue to grow in our walk with God with an increased ministry impact in our community and beyond.

Daysy: Do you have any pets? If yes what is it’s name how do you share the duties?

Uchenna : NOPE…lol!

Daysy : Describe something that you absolutely love about your fiance?

Uchenna : They’re certainly a number of things I love about Alfie. One that I absolutely love is in spite of how bad things may seem, he always claims that he’s doing outstanding. And he really does believe it! He always sees a light even before the end of the tunnel.



Alfie: – There are so many things I love about Uchenna. To many to list; but if I have to pick just one thing, it would have to be her smile!

Daysy:  Favorite song?

Uchenna: Always by Atlantic Starr


Daysy : Describe your relationship in two words

Uchenne: Never dull

Daysy: Any funny stories to share about your fiance? (be nice) 🙂

Alfie – We (Uchenna, Jaida and myself) took a trip down to North Carolina to see my girls . Uchenna had just washed her hair and had it in cornrows (which you would rarely see her in outside of the house). Shortly after we set out, she fell asleep. Jaida and I had a fill day taking photos of her asleep with her mouth open. It was quite the sight to behold! It was funnier than we could ever describe.

Uchenna : So I have a love affair with seafood, but sadly Alfie had informed me shortly after we started dating that he was allergic to shellfish. He intimated me on what had happened in the past with a terrible reaction he had and he did everything possible to make sure he didn’t experience that again. On the day before his birthday, the church had organized a get together for him to which I was invited. He called me sometime in the afternoon to let me know he was having an allergic reaction and was not sure why because he hadn’t eaten any shellfish.


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