Stone Manor Country Club Middletown, MD – Courtney + Jesse’s Fairytale Wedding

Courtney & Jesse’s  fairytale wedding was something right out of the movies! Horse and Buggy, Doves,  and a hawk to deliver the ring, this wedding day will truely blow you away!

Thank you so much for having us at your wedding to capture your big day! My team and me wish you all the happiness in this world and we look foward to  seeing your growing love and family on the years to come!

Stone Manor Country Club Middletown, MD- Courtney and Jesse, nighttime, sunset ,dark

Beautiful gifts from the skies: a Double rainbow and a gorgeous sunset! Read their exclusive interview and see pictures and video of their wedding day below!

Courtney and Jesse Wedding Movie from Daysy Film & Photo on Vimeo.

Daysy: Where did you have your wedding? Why did you choose the location?
Courtney & Jesse: Stone Manor Country Club. We choose Stone Manor because we loved the privacy of the manor and the scenery was stunning.

Daysy: What was your color palette and wedding style? What inspired it? Tell us about the flowers, stationery and decor you chose.
Courtney & Jesse: We went with a vintage theme, lots of vintage decorations. Our flowers we used were “Sandy” color roses, which had a hint of pink in them as well as ivory to match my wedding dress.

Daysy: Top 3 tips for future couples:
1. Rehearse!! Really important!  2. Don’t stress over small details, no one will notice!  3. Rest a lot the night before and enjoy your day.

Daysy: Describe any personal or special touches that helped make Your Wedding Memorable.
Courtney & Jesse: Seeing that special “First look” of each other before the ceremony and I must say the beautiful rainbow that came through the sky’s after the rain showers. We thought that our parents in heaven made the rainbow that shines over us all at the ceremony.

Daysy: Tell us about your wedding day fashions.
Courtney & Jesse: Our colors were mint green with almond colored suits. We had a horse and buggy, 14 doves that were released and a falcon bringing in the rings during the ceremony.



Daysy: Which element(s) of your day best reflected you as a couple? What did you do to make guests feel special?
Courtney & Jesse: Saying “I do” to each other!! We made our guest feel special by having each one of them at our wedding to help celebrate the love that we have for each other and as a family.

Daysy: What is the story behind your choice of having a horse and buggy to transport booth of you?
Courtney & Jesse: It was to help my dad, who since passed away since he had a hard time walking. We figured with the horse and buggy he wouldn’t have that far to walk and then he passed away in April 2016 and we still felt the need to have the horse and buggy since that was already the plan.

Daysy: Why did you chose to have doves and a hawk at your wedding day?
Courtney & Jesse: We had 12 adults in our wedding party which 12 doves were released for them (1 each person) and then we had 2 more doves that both the bride and groom released to symbol our love for each other. The falcon/hawk was a surprise to the wedding guest. We wanted our guest to be surprised by something, so we choose a hawk/falcon.

Daysy: The weather went from hot/humid, to a heavy short rain and ending up with a gorgeous double rainbow and spectacular sunset. Could you describe how these wheater “specials” came to actually become something emotional to booth of you?
Courtney & Jesse: It meant a lot, it felt like both the father of the bride and the mother of the groom was shining down on both of us that day. Early that day I had looked up and prayed to my dad about keep the weather beautiful until the reception and after we were inside the tent he could let it rain. Gosh darn it, if he didn’t hold on to my wishes. We got done eating and we had went out to get some air and I then looked back up and said “yes, dad you made it wait to rain, you can let her pour rain now”. No sooner than I said that, it started pouring down raining and then out comes a double rainbow and a beautiful sunset at the end. We had a lot of signs that day that both our parents were there looking down on us.

Daysy: How would you describe your kids reactions to see you getting married and forming a new family?
Courtney & Jesse: The kids were very excited and they were definitely counting down the days. We did a rose ceremony for each one of the kids and during the ceremony. Jesse handed a rose to each one of the brides children to share his love and to welcome them into his life and the bride handed the groom’s children a rose to also share her love and to also welcome them into her life.

Daysy: Tell us about your cocktail hour and reception! What was on the menu? Did you have any special entertainment?
Courtney & Jesse: We had cocktail hour with beer, wine and our signature drink “mint to be”. We had it catered by “the carriage house” ham, turkey, stuffing, salads and a vegetable. We had an amazing dj “peck cline”, who did an amazing job with the ceremony and reception.

Jesse was responable for the honeymoon Location. This is Courtney’s reaction to learn she was going to Aruba!!!


bullet Note: if you were a guest at this event, and you would like to view the entire gallery and possibly order images of yourself for personal use, make sure to visit Gallery *Password provided for guests only* (Be warned, it has tons of pictures. It will be fun!) 🙂




Cinema & Photography: Daysy Photography |
Videography and Photography: Daysy Film & Photo
Florist: Monica’s Floral Designs
Makeup: Caprice Webb (
Hair: Sarah Roberts
Horse and Buggy: Lambert’s Carriage Company (Donald Lambert)
Birds: Wedding Doves for Love – Daniel Vitilio (410) 592-1150
DJ: Daniel Cline (Peck) 240-674-3149
Caterer: Carriage House Catering
Cake: Kitty McKenzie (240) 575-4323
Dress and Shoes: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Location: Stone Manor Country Club
Song: Alive by Kyle Reinolds (Licenced by Song Freedom)


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